Disposable embossed double wall paper cup "Waffle Kraft" 8 oz (250 ml)

Disposable embossed double wall paper cup "Waffle Kraft" 8 oz (250 ml)
Item code: EM80-280-0367
Volume (serving size) 8 oz (250 ml)
Full volume (up to rim) 8 oz (280 ml)
Outer rim diameter 80 mm
Inner rim diameter 74 mm
Bottom diameter 57 mm
Height 88 mm
If you're looking to attract more customers, our "Waffle Kraft" embossed disposable paper cups are the perfect solution. These cups feature a unique design, immediately capturing their attention.
Crafted from top-grade cardboard, these cups are exceptionally durable and reliable. They are manufactured using a heat-twisting technique, eliminating the need for glue and ensuring a secure and stable cup in a 8 oz (250 ml) size. Due to a unique embossing the cup provides a nice touch and will definately become noticed by the customers. Our cups are also designed with user-friendliness in mind, providing protection against burns and exposure to harmful substances.
Whether it be a cafe, restaurant, hotel, mobile catering service, or promotional presentation, our "Waffle Kraft" 8 oz (250 ml) cups are a trustworthy choice.
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