Disposable vending paper cup white 6 oz (165 ml)

Disposable vending paper cup white 6 oz (165 ml)
Item code: HB70-195-0000
Volume (serving size) 6 oz (165 ml)
Full volume (up to rim) 6 oz (195 ml)
Outer rim diameter 70 mm
Inner rim diameter 66 mm
Bottom diameter 49 mm
Height 80 mm
The 6 oz (165 ml) white vending disposable paper cup is an excellent option for customers who prefer bying hot drinks from vending machines to consume them on-the-go. This cup effectively maintains the quality, taste, aroma, and temperature of beverages such as tea, coffee, and more. It is suitable for use in both European and Asian vending machines.
Our cups are produced from cardboard that is completely safe for human consumption and does not release any harmful substances when in contact with boiling water. The smooth surface, made from natural materials, provides a comfortable touch.
Whether you require paper cups for vending machines, cafés, restaurants, hotels, mobile catering services, promotional presentations, or private events, the 6 oz (165 ml) white paper cup is a trustworthy choice.
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