Disposable paper cup kraft 8 oz (250 ml)

Disposable paper cup kraft 8 oz (250 ml)
Item code: HB80-280-101695
Volume (serving size) 8 oz (250 ml)
Full volume (up to rim) 8 oz (280 ml)
Outer rim diameter 80 mm
Inner rim diameter 74 mm
Bottom diameter 57 mm
Height 88 mm
Add uniqueness to your business and attract more customers with our disposable kraft paper cups. Simple eco-friendly design gives the cups a special appeal. Do not miss your chance to bring a bit of nature into the everyday life of city dwellers who like to buy drinks to go.
This single wall cup is made with high-quality cardboard with a heat twisting without the glue and water-based paints, giving secure protection while usage or transportation of 8 oz (250 ml) volume drinks. The cup will not burn your hands and it does not produce any harmful substances, being completely safe for human health.
You can order paper cups kraft 8 oz (250 ml) for cafes, restaurants, hotels, mobile catering, advertising presentations, and many more occasions and events.
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